EAAFP flyway youth forum 2020

By Chris Rostron / 2nd November 2020

This event is by and for young people, aged 18-30, who are passionate about birds and wetlands along the East Asian Australasian flyway and beyond. Two sets of virtual meetings will take place late November and early December, and the deadline for registration is the 30th October, so be quick! ​Sign up for your chance…

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MBP Annual Meeting 2020

By Chris Rostron / 7th October 2020

Our East Atlantic Flyway initiative, Migratory Birds for People, will hold an online annual meeting on 12 November 2020. Since we cannot travel to a member visitor centre to meet in person, we will have a different format but still meet the core needs of the network as best as the internet can offer. So,…

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Logo of Wetland Link International

How COVID has affected your work: survey findings

By Chris Rostron / 23rd September 2020

In August, we asked WLI members how the COVID-19 pandemic had affected their work. Twenty-three responded. There is some bad news about colleagues losing their jobs, with this affecting 13 % of thge centres that responded. Forty-eight percent of the wetland centres are fully open; 26 % open in a limited capacity, and 26 %…

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WLI Asia conference 2019 audience

WLI Membership survey 2020

By Chris Rostron / 11th September 2020

Our network thrives on interaction. To help this, we are asking all members to make sure we have their most up-to-date contact details; and to help us update their profiles on this website. You are welcome to email us directly with any updates; or if you would like to online form, we have prepared one…

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Birds and Schools Americas, 2020

By Chris Rostron / 11th September 2020

Environment for the Americas (EftA) is working with WLI to promote the Birds and Schools project across partners in the Americas, to celebrate the amazing phenomenon of migration! We know that times are difficult because of COVID19, but we invite you to send us pictures, drawings, short videos or whatever you like to show us…

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DANAPURE World Environment Day

By Chris Rostron / 19th August 2020

To celebrate WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, we wanted to pay tribute to our DANAPURE Wetland, Colombia, as a place that has become a special reference of what the environment that surrounds us really is. Our Wetland has become a beautiful lesson in renewal and rebirth that surprises us every day by becoming a place of life…

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Recovering from covid-19

By Chris Rostron / 12th August 2020

What is happening to wetland education, half way into 2020? How has the pandemic affected your work, and what can WLI members provide collectively to support each other? When the pandemic spread to Europe, some centres started providing digital engagement, including live narrated webcasts from Urdaibai Bird Centre, lesson guides from WWT, and storytelling from…

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Sandwich tern in person's hand, transmitter on its back

Following Sandwich terns oversea

By Chris Rostron / 9th June 2020

Wageningen Marine Research 31-May-2020 – How do Sandwich Terns fly over the North Sea and the Wadden Sea? And where exactly do they catch their fish? Scientists from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and the University of Amsterdam are trying to map the flight and foraging behaviour of large Terns by equipping fifteen Texel birds…

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Official banner for World Migratory Bird Day 2020 in French

Maison du lac de Grand Lieu: Celebration of World Migratory Bird Day for May 2020

By Chris Rostron / 13th May 2020

World Migratory Bird Day, or WMBD for those in the know, is an awareness-raising event held twice a year on the second Saturdays in May and October. In 2020, it will be held on Saturdays 9 May and 10 October. Objective: through these two annual events, to raise awareness about the protection of migratory birds and…

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Reduced capacity during COVID19

By Chris Rostron / 31st March 2020

The staff who head and coordinate WLI are returning to work for one day a week, while employer WWT  responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. So both Chris Rostron and Connor Walsh ask your patience in communications over the next few weeks. If you are a WLI member, we will be sending updates to your registered…

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