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World Wetlands Day 2015

World Wetlands Day 2015, DANAPURE, Colombia

DANAPURE Wetland, Liceo Taller San Miguel-Colombia A Very Special Celebration For our school the celebration of Wetland Day is very important because it honours our DANAPURE. For several days our youngsters have partaken in different activities, such as reforestation with indigenous Colombian bamboo species that protect our

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APOWA celebrate World Wetlands Day 2015, India

APOWA World Wetlands Day event

World Wetlands Day was observed on 2nd February, 2015 by APOWA (Action for Protection of Wild Animals), India to raise community awareness about the importance, enhanced knowledge, sustainable management and conservation of wetlands.  APOWA launched the programme with an educational programme with the students of Jagannath Vidyapitha,

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World Wetlands Day 2015 at Khakassky Reserve

Centro de Visitantes, Khakassky Centre, Rusia

To help people learn about wetlands and realize their importance the Khakassky Reserve invites everyone to the new visitor centre located near Lake Itkul. Exhibitions of the centre are devoted to wetlands of the republic. Visitors can look at photos and listen to recordings of wetland inhabitants, and learn

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Hong Kong Wetland Park celebrate World Wetlands Day 2015

Hong Kong Wetland Park held a ceremony on January 31 to celebrate World Wetlands Day 2015. Officiating at the celebration ceremony, the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation, Mr Alan Wong, said, “We need wetlands for our future and the future of wetlands relies on our efforts

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Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, World Wetlands Day

WWD 2105 sign, Lutembe, Uganda

Today  2nd February, 2015, Uganda joined the rest of world to celebrate World Wetlands Day with pomp where the Secretary General of the Ramsar convention was in attendance. The celebrations that were held at Lutembe Ramsar site in Wakiso district were attended by thousands of people who braved

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WWT Llanelli Wetland Centre, World Wetland Day 2015

Water lab frame

WWT Llanelli Wetland Centre celebrated World Wetlands Day 2015 with a visit from the Welsh S4C’s Heno programme film crew, who spent the afternoon exploring the wetlands and meeting with members of the WWT team. The crew interviewed Learning Assistant Dan Rouse to find out more about wetlands,

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Dunes and wetlands of Putú

In Chile, Maule – Mataquito Defense and Conservation Association (ADEMA) celebrates World Wetlands Day with football, mural painting, artistic shows and fun events. This 7 and 8 February, at Putú city in the coastal region of Maule, Chile.

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WWT Caerlaverock, WWD 2015

WWT Caerlaverock Wetland Centre held a school visit for World Wetlands Day.  They held a Photography Workshop, in partnership with the National Trust for Scotland, for secondary school pupils.  The pupils learned how to take photographs, so that they can enter the World Wetland Day photography competition, and will

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WWT Slimbridge, World Wetlands Day 2015

Blue tit, credit: Sam Stafford/WWT

WWT celebrated World Wetlands Day over the weekend with a Festival of Birds at Slimbridge Wetland Centre. A highlight of the festival was the bird race, in which birdwatchers went head to head to spot the biggest number of species. At Slimbridge it is possible to spot

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