World Wetlands Day

Celebrating your connection to the Convention on Wetlands

By Connor Walsh / 5th April 2024

Every country within the Convention on Wetlands has two official roles which connect people like you, carrying out wetland education, to the national government and the wetlands COP (Conference of the Parties). These roles are National Focal Points for CEPA (Communications, Capacity, Education, Participation, Awareness); one in a government role, one non-governmental.  WLI members and…

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Garden for the attraction and conservation of pollinators

By Connor Walsh / 9th February 2024

Thank you to the pupils and teachers of Liceo Taller San Miguel, who share their different World Wetlands Day 2024 activities. We celebrate the World Wetlands Day by building a garden in favor of the attraction and conservation of pollinators, among which we can find the Monarch butterfly, a species that in our zone is…

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Dr Mumba visits London Wetland Centre

By Connor Walsh / 7th February 2024

Dr Musonda Mumba, Secretary General of the Convention on Wetlands, and Flore Lafaye de Micheaux, Europe Senior Regional Advisor for the Convention, visited WWT in London on the 6th and 7th of February. They visited the London Wetland Centre, where Dr Mumba had volunteered when she studied in London during the early 1990s. Pictured here…

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New song: Conserve the Wetlands

By Connor Walsh / 30th March 2023

Environmentalist and musician Shubert Mwarabu has shared his 2023 song about wetland restoration. Listen on Facebook. Shubert is looking for sponsorship to produce a full music video for the song. As well as with music, Shubert has engaged people through interviews and video Public Service Announcements (PSAs) in Tanzania, for World Wildlife Day. The PSAs…

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WWD 2023 logo

WWD 2023 reports

By Connor Walsh / 6th February 2023

In 2023, World Wetlands Day was all about restoration. Members of WLI have shared their diverse celebrations. We have been helping Conservation Without Borders connect with members of the Migratory Birds for People network. The NGO made this World Wetlands Day film for their Flight of the Osprey expedition: Samborombon Bay Conservation Unit is holding…

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WWT unveils blue recovery vision with World Wetlands Day mural

By Connor Walsh / 2nd February 2023

A spectacular 3D mural showcasing the vital importance of wetlands has been unveiled in Bristol today to celebrate World Wetlands Day, held on 2 February every year. Commissioned by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), the mural highlights this year’s World Wetland Day theme of wetland restoration.   It shows a degraded wetland transforming into…

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WWD 2023 logo

World Wetlands Day 2023 materials

By Connor Walsh / 15th December 2022

‘It’s time for wetland restoration‘ is the slogan for World Wetlands Day 2023. Whether in-person, online, or via media, World Wetlands Day provides an opportunity to engage new people or familiar faces on a new topic. Materials The Ramsar Convention’s Secretariat has already provided rich materials you can use free of charge, on the World…

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WLI at Grand Lieu WWD 2022

By Chris Rostron / 1st February 2022

Audrey Cadou on WWD 2022 cr: La Maison du Lac de Grand-Lieu Thirteen students from the middle school Albert Vinçon, located in Saint-Nazaire went to the Maison du Lac de Grand Lieu. They started with an introduction of the day by a video call in English with Chris Rostron, who presented several topics including WLI,…

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World Wetlands Day at Grand Lieu Lake

By Connor Walsh / 31st January 2022

World Wetlands Day 2022: a programme of activities around the Grand-Lieu Lake For World Wetlands Day, more than 20 partners working around the Grand-Lieu Lake have gathered to prepare a lot of activities on the ‘Wetlands Action for People and Nature’ theme. The objective is to raise awareness among as many people as possible about…

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2-2-2022: Wetlands Action for People and Nature

By Connor Walsh / 10th December 2021

The theme for World Wetlands Day 2022 is Wetlands Action for People and Nature. The official website already has free materials for you to prepare your activities! You can find posters, an infographic, images for social media, a colouring-in sheet and a presentation with facts and images on As well as materials, the website…

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