World Wetlands Day

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World Wetlands Day in Bandar Khamir, Iran

By Connor Walsh / 4th March 2020

Participation and cooperation of the people of Bandar Khamir city in holding the big event of World Wetlands Day The people of Bandar Khamir, where contains the largest marine wetland in the Middle East and the widest mangrove forests covering an area of about 86,000 ha, celebrated this year’s World Wetland Day gloriously. The purpose…

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Haff Réimech: an important flood plain

By Connor Walsh / 20th February 2020

Every winter, after heavy rainfall, the Moselle valley is flooded. Regularly, damage occurs in the villages in the Moselle valley, e.g. in Schengen or Remich. How important wetlands are in such times and what water masses they can absorb becomes clear. For example, the water level at the pond around the Biodiversum rises by over…

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Urdaibai Bird Center celebrates World Wetlands Day

By Adil Boulahia / 13th February 2020

On Sunday 5th April, a WLI member in the Basque Country, Spain celebrated World Wetlands Day at the Urdaibai Ornithological Centre. On a beautiful sunny day, a large number of birds were out on the marsh, creating perfect conditions for the crowds of visitors. Four hundred people came, making a record for this annual event.…

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DANAPURE celebrates World Wetlands Day in Colombia

By Adil Boulahia / 12th February 2020

To celebrate this important day at DANAPURE, our students took a field trip to get to know the large wetlands located in the Dosquebradas municipality. After having made a tour of the site, they had the opportunity to take part in a conversation about the history of the place, and the importance of all the…

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Arundel WWT Centre celebrates World Wetlands Day

By Adil Boulahia / 6th February 2020

Arundel WWT visitor centre celebrated World Wetlands Day 2020 with a Ramsar Ride boat trip gliding peacefully through our beautiful channels on an electric boat. The guided talk on board explained about the Ramsar convention and why we have a ‘Ramsar Hide’ on the reserve. We talked about wetland biodiversity, climate change and were greatly encouraged…

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Celebration of World Wetlands Day-2020 by BEDS

By Adil Boulahia / 3rd February 2020

Wetlands are of great significance regarding ecological value. World Wetlands Day aims to raise global awareness about the vital role of wetlands for people and planet. International theme for this year was Wetlands and Biodiversity. To raise public awareness on conserving the existing wetlands and to emphasize the great value of wetlands and their biodiversity,…

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What WLI did in 2019

By Adil Boulahia / 16th January 2020

Here’s a summary of the WLI staff and interns’ activities in 2019. Chris Rostron was invited by national NGO, Ramsar France, to participate in their flagship World Wetlands Day event. The WLI colleagues at the Lac du Grand Lieu hosted the event, with 125 guests taking part, including Ramsar Association France, the CEPA focal point…

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World Wetlands Day 2020

By Adil Boulahia / 1st January 2020

  World Wetlands Day is a landmark for many wetland centres, especially in tropical zones and the southern hemisphere. The day provides an opportunity to raise your centre’s profile and perceived value locally, by connecting it to a globally important and shared initiative. The official website can inspire about the types of event people hold;…

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WLI best-of celebration of WWD

By Adil Boulahia / 12th December 2019

WLI intern Adil Boulahia has looked at previous celebrations of World Wetlands Day by WLI members and has selected five that caught his eye.    This is a top 5 based on the scale of the activity and its results. Follow the links to learn more about each activity. 1-Baikka Beel 2019, Bangladesh During this…

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Embracing the Earth, Putú, Chile

By Samaneh Azizi / 18th February 2019

Our Chilean partners Maule Mataquito Defense & Conservation Group organized the 5th “Embrace your Earth” Event, a socio-environmental activity that aims to promote the value of the Putú dunes and wetlands through artistic, cultural and recreational activities with the local community. The event took place on World Wetlands Day, February 2nd and 3rd, 2019, with…

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