Wetland Engagement Advisory Services

If you are interested in our services, please contact Alex Hughes to book a meeting and we can propose a workplan for your site.


Our core focus lies in delivering expert advisory services encompassing capacity building, education, engagement, and awareness. Inspired by our conservation work at WWT and 10 wetland centres, including the globally recognised London and Slimbridge Wetland Centres, we are rooted in a commitment to environmental protection. Our offerings reflect a collective responsibility for the well-being of wetland ecosystems.

Vision statement

Wetland Engagement Advisory Services envisions a future where we optimise educational and engagement opportunities in wetlands and empower connections. Our commitment to promoting environmental stewardship and fostering nature connections drives us to cultivate sustainable relationships between wetlands and people. We provide exemplary engagement services to wetland centres and wetland sites worldwide. 


Our services include the following:

  • Onsite engagement training
  • Planning live interpretation: wildlife walks, talks, and tours 
  • Formal environmental education programmes
  • Informal environmental education creative review and resource development 
  • Creation of tailor-made engagement activities
  • Written interpretation planning 
  • Bespoke signage  
  • Bespoke training courses and workshops: including CEPA
  • Theming and immersion 
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