Services we offer

If you are interested in our services, please contact Alex Hughes to book a meeting and we can propose a workplan for your site.


Training in delivery of effective onsite engagement

Using sites to connect audiences and empower action for wetlands. WWT’s Wetland Engagement Advisory Services team provides training on how to deliver educational messages effectively including school engagement, with a focus on in-person engagement and connection at wetland sites.

Planning live interpretation: wildlife walks, talks, and tours

Planning and writing briefing notes for walks, talks and tours can require time and an idea of structure and pace. Our Wetland Engagement Advisory Services team have worked on an array of different projects, connecting with various audiences from around the globe, covering species, habitat and cultural themes.

Formal environmental education programmes

WWT has award winning education programmes, leaving the students with a deep emotional connection with nature. Our Wetland Engagement Advisory Services team offers a chance to enhance and create bespoke learning programmes for your wetland and the schools, colleges, and universities that you work with.

Informal environmental education creative review and resource development

We aim to convey the wetland message effectively by recognising and incorporating the diverse ways in which people learn. With a culture of continuous improvements, evaluative and review processes are a regular part of the inner workings of any wetland centre. Experts can help to review and refresh your resources and education facilities, working with a range of different budgets.

Creation of tailor-made engagement activities 

WWT’s creative teams are always working on new and innovative ways to engage audiences. Creative experts can work with clients to design bespoke engagement activities for specific environments, events and audiences.

Written interpretation planning

Inspiring, focused and consistent design is the key to WWT’s interpretation plans. Our Wetland Engagement Advisory Services team can help to deliver cohesive interpretation plans across the whole of your wetland site, both indoors and out.

Bespoke signage  

Tying into the identity of individual sites, interpretation can enforce those ‘take home’ messages at your site in addition to providing basic instructional signage. WWT’s Wetland Engagement Advisory Services can aid bespoke interpretation design for visitor centres (inside and out), exhibitions, events and more.

Bespoke training courses and workshops, including CEPA

WWT have delivered training and workshops worldwide, with expertise on a range of different topic areas. WWT’s Wetland Engagement Advisory Services can provide you and your team with bespoke workshops and training sessions online or face-to-face, with a focus on communication, capacity building, education, participation and awareness.

Theming and immersion

WWT wetland centres have many ‘themed’ environments across their centres, immersing visitors and helping them to engage more fully with wetland conservation issues. With experience in exhibit and interpretative design and theming, the Wetland Engagement Advisory Services team can help to deliver these services and work with designers to ensure a professional and fully immersive finish.


Consulting with our in-house sustainability experts, we aim to ensure that our work has sustainability at its heart. We will provide a product that not only meets your needs but also considers the world in which we live.

We aim to use sustainable materials in our proposals, considering renewable energy options, water and waste management. We can also deliver training to help your site to reduce your carbon footprint.