WLI webinars

Join us for the annual WLI webinars!

Every year we hold a webinar three times, one each in English, French, and Spanish. The webinar is an opportunity to learn best practise, to share your experience and expertise, and to meet other WLI members in a Q&A at the end. It adds to communication in the network, along with the existing website, social media, and 6-monthly bulletin.

We will schedule the webinars, where possible, to happen in the time between the bulletins.

WLI webinar 2023

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In October, we had the pleasure of meeting with four remarkable winners of the WLI Star Wetland Centre Awards. During their presentations, they passionately discussed their respective centres and shared captivating insights into the incredible work they undertake.

We explored the wonders of Guandu Nature Park with Lisa Chou, toured the exceptional wetland exhibits at the Kansas Wetland Education Center with Curtis Wolf and Mandy Kern,  and had the privilege of meeting the dedicated children and teachers of Liceo Taller San Miguel, who shared how important this award is for each one of them. Additionally, Karin Magntorm showed us how Naturum Vattenriket is an integral part of its city, connecting the community to the rich wetland heritage.

These award winners showcased their outstanding contributions to wetland conservation and education, highlighting the incredible work they do. Their stories were and are a testament to the dedication and excellence that drive our wetland communities forward!

The webinar is also available in both French and Spanish on our YouTube channel.


WLI webinar 2022

In 2022, the content was identical across languages, with separate Q&A sessions for each of English, French, and Spanish.

Watch the individual presentations from the webinar in this YouTube playlist.

2021 webinars

In 2021 we marked 30 years of WLI with three special webinars. Each launched a commemorative artwork by environmental artist Seppo, introduced the Wetland Star Awards, and offered and a chance to discuss the future of WLI. Watch the webinar recording below; and find out more about the artwork.

Watch: English

English: 26 October 2021

Watch: Spanish

Spanish: 16 November 17.00 UTC

Watch: French

French: 23 November 14.00 UTC