Communicating WLI

Let your visitors and funders know that you are a member of this international network!

WLI logos

The WLI logo has been designed for use by WLI members in their publications, websites and interpretation material.  If you would like the ‘regional’ or continental versions of the logo, please contact the head of WLI.

WLI standard text

In order to standardise the WLI approach, we have text that can be used by members and that should help to make it clear to partners what we do. Of course these texts may be adapted, and are only a guide to how to communicate the WLI messages.

WLI brochure

The WLI brochure is available for use by all WLI members. It can be shared as a PDF or printed double sided on A3 paper (please use recycled if you can, or FSC Certified Mix).

We have this in Spanish, French, Chinese and Russian.

External resources

  • For advice and help in organising campaigns, the Friends of the Earth website gives some great resources to support you.  The site includes instructions on how to conduct an interview, make your own internet site and work effectively with local groups.
  • International Rivers promotes the World Rivers Day, held each year on the 14th of March.
  • Big Jump is a European project which encourages people to swim in their local rivers and lakes, with the aim of raising awareness of water quality (some rivers you would not want to get into!)  The event takes place each July.

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