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This section relates to music, poems, photographs and any sort of art expression that has been inspired from and/or for wetlands or nature.  Culture is an important aspect of delivering wetland conservation, as it helps make wetlands more relevant to local people, and raises awareness of other important reasons to protect and preserve wetlands. The Ramsar Culture Network has done a lot of work on putting together case studies of how cultural activities are relevant and useful in protecting wetlands. If you have examples of cultural activities at your wetland site, please let us know and we will include them here.


The following link will take you to the Tigre Wetland, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our friend Sebastián Pisani who lived near Tigre created the songs you can find on this website.

This album is called “Canciones del Humedal” (or “Wetland Songs” in English) and it is composed of 27 songs that will transport you to the Tigre Wetland, to experience the fauna and flora we can find there and to imagine the local communities who live there…

We want to thank Sebastián for sharing his music with us!

You can read the lyrics to the songs by clicking on each song’s image, on the link provided above


We have recently received an email from Luli Cicala from Argentina. She worked some years in the Tigre River Delta, in Buenos Aires, and she created beautiful paintings inspired by this wetland environment.

To read more about Luli’s work and to find out about the techniques she has used on her paintings, please click here












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