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Handbook on Wetland Centres

Handbook on Best Practices for the Design and Operation of Wetland Education Centres

Seosan BirdLand, R.O. Korea, host of the workshop

Seosan BirdLand, R.O. Korea, host of the workshop

Whether you are thinking of creating a new wetland centre, converting your activities to include a wetland focus, or you already run a fully-fledged centre, this handbook (3Mb) contains everything you need to know about creating, running and evaluating wetland centres and their activities (click here for a print quality version, 91Mb).  WLI worked with the Ramsar Convention and the ERF (Environmental Ecosystem Research Foundation, South Korea) who brought together wetland centre managers  from across the world (many of whom are WLI members) at a week-long workshop hosted at Seoson Birdland, South Korea, in  November 2013.  The handbook is aimed at a range of audiences including government agencies, architects, NGOs and other conservation organisations, and will be available in several different languages – you can download the Arabic version here.  In the handbook, you can find out about: Wetland-Centres-Handbook

•   Planning or redeveloping a wetland education centre, including financial planning

•   Ensuring the on-going financial sustainability of a wetland education centre and its programmes

•   Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness (CEPA) programmes and learning content at wetland education centres, as well as evaluation techniques

•   The sustainable design of wetland education centres

Most of the wetland centres mentioned in the manual can be found on the WLI website, but you can also find a lot more, with a range of different examples and experience, depending on your needs.  Take a look at our international map of wetland centres, or lists of wetland centres which can also be viewed by region.

The WLI network is endorsed by the Ramsar Convention on wetlands and coordinated by WWT.


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