Home schooling

In 2020, WLI members and other organisations stepped in to help parents who had to take up the role of home-teacher while schools were shut.

WWT Home hub

A 12-week home learning programme with free curriculum-linked lesson plans, activity videos, and quizzes on wetland topics.

Fish migration

World Fish Migration Day has factsheets on 10 species, an infographic, and a story book all about fish migration.

Backyard birds

Download family-friendly checklists and quizzes for wetlands, and backyard species, from Kootenay Discovery Centre, in B.C. Canada.

Kansas videos

Kansas Wetlands Education Center produces educational videos of their field work, library sessions, and craft guides.

International Crane Foundation

Live webinars with stories of field work in crane conservation; plus activity-based learning packs and video postcards.

Managed retreat

BBC Bitesize Geography lessons cover coastal erosion and hydrology including wetland managed retreat approaches; other sessions cover wetland and freshwater ecosystems.

Sealife and shapes

Aquakids from Ireland's National Aquarium provides colouring sheets to teach shapes and counting, based on coastal and marine life.

Virtual Bird Camp

Environment for the Americas runs three week camps for kids with online interaction and hard-copy teaching materials shipped.

Bog workbooks

Workbooks for all primary school levels from the Irish Peatland Conservation Council. Including biology, geography, and food-webs.

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