Invasive species

Your wetland centre probably has alien species, which can enrich visitors' experiences. But once the species becomes invasive, you have a whole new ecological challenge.

Invasive animals

In Europe, the American mink, the Canada goose, and the carp, often highly mobile, can be  expensive and present additional issues around animal welfare. WildCRU (Oxford, UK) are doing a lot of work on the issue.

Zebra mussels

Dreissena polymorpha, originally from south east Russia, is now widespread in Europe and North America. Producing up to a million eggs per year, it is not hard to see how it spreads prolifically.


Water Hyacinth has spread from its native South America to become an invasive plant in most other continents. It is causing issues in Lake Victoria, blocking navigation, water pumps, fisheries and even acting as a breeding ground for disease.

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