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Nepal birding session

The WLI network currently has around 350 members delivering wetland education activities across the globe. The membership is WLI’s best resource, holding expertise and experience in how to get wetland conservaiton messages across to local communities, government and business sectors.

Joining the network not only gives you access to other partners doing similar work to you, it also provides resources to support your work, provides regular updates and newsletters, and runs campaigns throughout the year to co-ordinate wetland conservation messages.

WLI also expects you to play your part. Being a member means that you:

  • Complete a detailed profile of your work, to be uploaded onto the website.
  • Provide details of your activities and skills / expertise, for sharing with other members.
  • Respond to queries from fellow members of the network.
  • Feedback to the WLI network on specific information requests.
  • Promote specific wetland messages through your work.

To join, please download the WLI_membership_form2011 and WLI member agreement 2011, and return to the WLI co-ordinator, with up to 5 digital pictures of your work if you have them.  To subscribe to our e-mail newsletter, please click here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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