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Last updated: May 9th, 2024

This winter season has been a success for naturum Getterön.
In November 2018 we finally got the permit we wished for, to feed the white-tailed eagles in the reserve. The permit gives us permission to feed them from November 2018 to last of February 2019.

The eagles are fed with leftovers from slaughter of domestic livestock.

They also get leftovers from the fish industry. Since the food are leftovers, parts of the animals which usually are thrown away, everything has been given away for free. Every week around 500 kilos meat are delivered for the eagles.

The feeding is almost every day, everything depends on the weather. Hard winds from the west usually makes the reserve over flooded and there’s no ground for the meat to lay on.

The 10-year-old white-tailed eagle, born in Finland. Photos: Mikael Nord

We have had many eagles, probably at least 50 different individuals in different ages. At least three of them have been ringed in Finland. Most of the eagles are Swedish. The eagles have naturally been a highlight for many photographers and visitors during the winter. Every Saturday an eagle guiding has been held and between 40 to 70 visitors have participated every guiding day. The guidings are always free of charge.

We have counted around 30 eagles in Getterön’s nature reserve at the same time in the end of January. Both juveniles from the eagle nest in Varberg’s county 2018 have visited the feeding site. Right now, the blue sky is shining through the clouds and the snow and ice is melting away.

The spring seems to be getting closer and closer.

I can’t wait!



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Linnea Henriksson

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