Korean Wetland Awards

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Last updated: May 21st, 2021

5th Eco Water Awards - international prize

KFEM (Korean Federation for Environment Movement) is coordinating "The 5th Eco Water Awards" with SBS and the Korean Ministry of Environment.  One of the awards is to be given to an overseas organization or individual in the international section, the Gaia prize.  Last time the first prize went to the lawyers and organizations that worked to protect the Arkake Sea (Japan) from reclamation.

Gaia prize in the international section is seeking someone or organization that has made great achievements in water protection or sustainble water management. The winner will take a cash prize of 20,000 dollars with an invitation to Korea for the ceremony in November and the winning site will be visited by the broadcast team to report it. Those who are interested in this award can apply by sending this completed Award Form to Mr Zi, Tzan-hyuk. Please note that the deadline is 7th September 2012. Please refer to this link for more details.