Birdwatching festival, Hong Kong

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Last updated: June 13th, 2019

Egrets at HKWP

As the winter advances, migratory birds in the north are embarking on a journey southward, waiting for us to greet them enthusiastically. Among the thousands of birds, some waterfowl with slender legs. They are elegant in shape, and they are more fascinating in every move. We will be quietly admiring, and it will be fascinating, and we can also appreciate their vitality behind the beautiful appearance.

From November 2012 to March next year, the Hong Kong Wetland Park will hold a special annual winter event, the Bird Watching Festival. Visitors can learn about “long legs” through guided tours, exhibitions, public talks and workshops; and about the appearance and habits of the waterfowl. The park hopes that visitors will meet these waterfowl, appreciate their joy in the great outdoors, and feel the gift of nature. For the first time, the park cooperated with the famous local painter A’Chong, to introduce visitors to the works of art and philosophy about nature. A’Chong not only displays his own paintings, but also shares his experience with nature.