WLI News November 2012

Category: International news

Last updated: May 21st, 2021

New Members
Danapure, Colombia, a wetland education resource at a primary school; Klamath WingWatchers, US, a local NGO running wetland education and conservation; MónNaturaDelta, Ebro Delta, Spain, a new centre in the famous Spanish wetland.

WLI Russia
Recently Wetlands International Russia have been working on their project to strengthen the links between wetland centres and develop a new CEPA action plan for European Russia.  We are now working with them to plan a wetland conference in May 2013, with an associated workshop in Moscow and St Petersburg.

WLI North America
The head of WLI attended the last US Ramsar Committee meeting, and presented how WLI North America is developing, including plans for a WLI North

America conference, to be held in October / November 2013, at Oak Hammock Marsh wetland centre, Canada.  We are holding planning meetings currently and will keep you posted on progress.WLI Asia
Recent meetings with the WLI Asia lead group have focused on planning for the next WLI Asia conference, to be held from the 19th of April 2013 in Suncheon, South Korea (RoK).  In addition, exchange programmes have been carried out, between RoK and Hong Kong, as well as between WWF Hong Kong and China.

World Wetlands Day 2013
 The theme for 2013 is ‘Wetlands for Water – Wetland look after water’ and you can see the link here.   This year, Ramsar is working with UNESCO’s international hydrological programme to explore how wetlands act to store, purify and provide water for both human beings and wildlife.  You can download materials from the site, or get in touch with the secretariat to order materials for use at your wetland centres.

WLI Website
The WLI website has been added to, so check out www.wli.org.uk, for updated profiles, more content in Chinese and Russian, and updated links.  You can also read the first of a set of WLI information sheets, starting with constructed wetlands at centres.  The series will continues with ‘Planning for wetland centres’, ‘Engaging the public in captive breeding projects’ and ‘Looking at visitor characteristics through segmentation’.  If you have other suggestions for useful topics, or you’d like to produce one of your own, please let us know.   Also, if you use facebook, take a look at the WLI Facebook site.