WWF China on study tour to Taiwan

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Last updated: May 21st, 2021

WWF China go to Taiwan for nature school development in the Yangtze River basin

After 15 years of hard work in the Yangtze River Basin, WWF China now sees the importance of CEPA, and regards environmental education (EE) as a useful tool to attract social participation in wetland conservation.  To enhance Chinese Educators’ capacity to implement effective education programmes, WWF China arranged a group of EE educators toTaiwan in October. Specifically, the study group aimed to understand more about Wetland and EE centre operations, key stakeholder collaboration and best practice regarding EE.

The 10 demo sites in the study tour are quite diverse. There are nature centers supported by Taiwan forestry bureau, and supervised by professional EE experts. There are nature parks, completely operated by local NGOs, like Guandu Nature Park by Wild Bird Society of Taipei. There are also nature centers run by school teachers. Take Wulaokeng for example, eight teachers developed a series of stream-themed EE programms, catering for the field study needs of primary and middle school kids at different age.Moreover, With “Taiwan environmental education legislation” put in place in June 2011, more nature centers are now improving their quality to get official certification, while more young people are inspired to grow up as qualified environmental educators.   WWF China would like to introduce these best practices to China, and facilitate wetland “nature school” development in theYangtze River basin.

Drafted by Li Yuan, WWFChina

8 November 2012