WLI update December 2012

Category: Regions

Last updated: May 21st, 2021

New Partners 

Thanks to our volunteer based at Slimbridge, Rob Werran, we have been able to spend some more time updating profiles and adding new partners, as follows:

Peñita Los Jaaukis, Argentina; Miranda Shorebird Centre, New Zealand (new profile); Fundación Kennedy / Algarrobo, Chile; Loch Lomond, UK; Tyto wetland information centre, Australia; Lake Neusiedl National Park, Austria; Kushiro Japan (updated); Wonga, Australia (updated); APOWA, Bangladesh (updated); Forbes Biological Station, US; Greenwing Legacy Interpretation Centre, Canada; Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve, Slovenia, (updated).

If you would like to update your profile, then please drop Rob a line at rob.werran@wwt.org.uk

Virtual visits

We are also planning to put some more virtual wetland centre visits online – if you would like to put your wetland centre forward to make an interactive visit, then please contact Rob Werran here at WWT (as above).  See www.wlisitevisit.org for some examples of how to do it.

WLI Russia

We continue to work with Wetlands International Russia and other Russian partners to develop the wetland centre network in Russia.  The Baltic Fund for Nature are leading on a workshop from the 9th - 11th of May in St Petersburg (Kerulia region), whilst WI Russia will hold a wetland conference in Moscow, on the 14th - 15th of May.  More details will be provided soon.

WLI North America

The WLI North America lead group met to discuss the planned WLI NA conference, from Education to Positive Action for Wetlands, to be held in November 2013, at Oak Hammock Marsh wetland centre, Canada.  We have broadened the organizations involved in planning the event, and hope to have a final programme some time in January.

The Hunter Wetland Centre (Australia) and Kushiro Wetlands (Japan) have a sister-wetland agreement, and as part of that are holding a joint photo-exhibition at each centre.  The exhibition was prompted by the Latham’s Snipe, which breed in Kushiro during the Japanese summer and migrates to Australia, where it can be found in the Hunter wetland centre’s reserve.  For more pictures, see the web page.

WLI Neotropics (South and Central America)

Work progresses with the Fundacion Kennedy, who met with Maria Rivera (Ramsar Regional Representative for the Neotropics), and have been working with potential local partners to develop the WLI Neotropics conference.  The conference is likely to be held in November 2013.

WLI information sheet

The second WLI information sheet covers master planning for wetlands centres.  Starting to plan for a new centre can be difficult, especially with multiple stakeholders, complex funding arrangements, and restriction of a physical site.  Master-planning attempts to solve some of these challenges by creating a document that sums up the aims of the organization, the needs of potential visitors, and the requirements for a centre.  See our quick WLI guide on masterplanning to give a better idea of how you can plan for success at your wetland site.