WLI update January 2013

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Last updated: May 21st, 2021

WLI Update January 2013

New Partners 

Brazilian member, Mato Grosso, and a South African member, Ingula visitor centre. New virtual visits for Slimbridge and Martin Mere.

Certificates of membership

As a result of our recent review of members, we are about to send out membership certificates.  If you are a WLI wetland centre, these should have arrived in your in-box already.  If you would like a paper copy, let us know and we will send you one, or feel free to print your digital version for display at your centre.

Request for resources

We would like to keep the WLI website up to date and with useful resources for our members.  If you have any useful digital guides to how to deliver wetland education on site, then we would be very interested to have them.  We will then put them on the website for use by other wetland centre colleagues.


We have started to use Twitter, as social media tool designed to give you short, regular snippets of information about what is happening across the network.  If you use twitter, you will find us at @wetlandlink – if you’d like to set up a new account then go to www.twitter.com

WLI Russia

We continue to work with Wetlands International Russia and other Russian partners to develop the wetland centre network in Russia.  The Baltic Fund for Nature are leading on a workshop from the 9th - 11th of May in St Petersburg (Kerulia region), whilst WI Russia will hold a wetland conference near Moscow, on the 14th - 15th of May.  More details will be provided soon, or check the Wetlands International Russia website.

World Wetlands Day2013

This year, the theme of Ramsar’s World Wetlands Day is ‘Wetlands take care of water’.  This might seem obvious, but the idea that wetlands store, clean and protect water is an essential one to communicate.  If you are holding events for the day, then please let us know and we’ll add them to the website.  For example, Muraviovka Park in Russia is planning a wetland video-conference with another school group at Sungei Buloh, Singapore.  WWD is a great opportunity to hold an event, see their website for ideas and resources.

Migratory Birds for People

At our latest meeting of the steering group, we discussed fund-raising for holding three site visits at Lake Takern, Sweden, the Camargue, France, and Uitkerkse Polder, Belgium, as well as a bid to support some development work in West Africa.  Our Dutch partners are planning a visit to German and Danish wetland centres, and will report back next time.

WLI North America

The WLI North America lead group met to discuss the planned WLI NA conference, from Education to Positive Action for Wetlands, to be held in late October 2013, at Oak Hammock Marsh wetland centre, Canada.  We now have a draft programme – if you are interestWWT Crane Schooled in attending, then please let us know.

WLI information sheet

The third WLI information sheet on WWT's crane school covers engaging the public in captive breeding projects.  WWT’s Slimbridge wetland centre has delivered an effective crane breeding programme over the past few years, and one of the really successful elements was involving visitors in feeding chicks.  See the information sheet here for more.