Smolensk WWD 2013, Russia

Category: Regions, Russia

Last updated: June 13th, 2019

Every year on February 2nd our planet celebrates World Wetlands Day and this year UNESCO declared 2013 International year of water ooperation, during which the countries of the world should unite their efforts in order to make water accessible to all inhabitants of the planet.

On Friday February 1st, Deputy Director for environmental education and tourism at Smolensk Lakeland Park Astakhova V.A. hold in Przhevalskaya secondary school a lecture with presentation, devoted to the World Wetlands Day. She described the origin of the celebration, the role of wetlands in the life of man as a biological being, demonstrated a number of experiments with water.

The students of 7-11 grades attended this meeting. They have learned a lot of new and interesting things about the life of wetlands ecosystems.  Earlier on local radio was transmitted a report on WWD.  On February 2nd, a similar lecture with a demonstration of presentation, materials for which were taken from the site of Wetlands International, Russian program (, was held for the students of Shapovskaya elementary school, who visited the Park as ecotourists.