Category: Asia

Last updated: May 21st, 2021

Prior to the 4th WLI Asia conference in Suncheon, the Head of WLI met with the office of the East Asia Australasia Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) at the offices in Song Do, Seoul, and attended a local awareness-raising event with local people and students.  See picture left of the Head of WLI demonstrating how a flyway of well-protected sites is essential to bird migration, with the help of local students, Spike Millington (far left) and some boiled eggs.

EAAFP and WLI have been working together more closely recently, recognising the need to coordinate EAAFP work on flyway issues with governments, NGOs and sites, and WLI's role in supporting wetland centres along the same flyway. EAAFP colleauges also attended the WLI Asia conference in Suncheon, a useful time to explore common areas of work and agree some future actions.