Papudo Agua Salada estuary project

Category: Neotropics news

Last updated: June 13th, 2019

The Kennedy Foundation for Wetlands Conservation, Chile, is now developing a proyect called “Conserving Agua Salada Wetland through Public Participation”.  This project was presented to the Ministry of the Environment in 2012 by Catalina Costa, who works as a volunteer for the Foundation, and the NGO received around US$10,000 which enables the Foundation to work on the it during 2013.

Nicole Osiadazc, the project manager, has developed a very interesting approach and has been able to acomplish most of the project’s aims, which include:

1. Building a visitor trail, with benches and bins, to provide for an appropiate access to the wetland, to enjoy birdwatching, in order to promote its conservation and attract visitors.

2. To raise awarness about the importance of having the Agua Salada Wetland in the area, and to promote its proteection and conservation.

3. To prevent dogs entering into the wetland

4. To avoid pollution of the areas nearby the wetlands and to collect the debris located there

5. To inform the community about the importance of wetalnds, highlighting the ways in which they can contribute to conserve and protect them