The wonderful world of the Fungi Kingdom

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Last updated: June 13th, 2019

An example of active community participation in the creation of knowledge

Biólogo y alumnos

Biólogo y alumnos aprendiendo del reino fungi

The fungi that are found in the Danapure wetland  in Colombia called Roberth Lücking’s attention. Lücking is a German mycologist who works at the FIEL Museum in Chicago adn visited Liceo San Miguel in Colombia. He worked there together with Biana Moncada, a Colombian biologist and an expert on fungi and lichens . High school students had the opportunity to attend to several workshops given by the visitors, obtained special lichens guides and comitted to work together with the scientists in order to make a guide of the species they found.

Some species are not native to the area and they are studying whether their presence is related to the phenomenon of global warming.
The scientists visited the school on May the 3th and the workshops were two days long and 30 students participated each day.

There have been days of research in order to classify the species found, to start working on the preparation of the fungi guide of the “trail of coffee”, as this area is called.

Local newspapers ran stories about the Lücking’s visit (see article here). An art exhibition took place as part of the development of the guide. The scientific work done by students will be entitled “The wonderful World of the  Fungi Kingdom”

Workshops have also been developed in the wetland and forests located near the local school. They are mainly focused on the important role the the fungi kingdom and its importance in the balance and sustainability of wetland ecosystems.

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