Chong Ming Dong Tan visit

Category: Asia, Regions

Last updated: March 29th, 2022

In late November the head of WLI visited Chong Ming Dong Tan wetland park, to see their existing wetland centre and discuss plans for the development of a future wetland centre on the site.  The reserve is well known for an incredible migratory bird phenomenon every spring, with thousands of birds stopping over on their way along the East Asia Australasia Flyway.  The centre is only an hour away from the huge city of Shanghai, and could form a very exciting resource for the urban population that live there.  Indeed, there may be plans to extend a rail link from the city to the island.

You can see some pictures here of the education centre buildings situated right in reedbed itself, whilst keeping the heart of the reserve and mudflats protected from human visitation, to allow the birds to flourish.  Chong Ming Dong Tan is one of the growing group of WLI members in China, and we hope will take part promoting WLI in China, as well as attending the planned WLI Asia meeting, due in May 2015.