WLI update April 2014

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Last updated: January 28th, 2021

sorae centreWLI Update April 2014

New Partners

Azul Ambientalistas, Venezuela; Yauza Wetland Centre, Russia; Sorae Ecology Park, South Korea.

Ingula wetland walk

Ingula Wetlands Walk

Ingula Wetlands Walk

Colleagues at Ingula wetland centre got wet and celebrated World Wetlands Day in style! The South African wetland centre took 150 participants including colleagues from a local bird-watching group and a wildlife club, walking up to their waists through the wetland. The programme included a photographic exhibition, and the launch of a schools programme – more in the next WLI bulletin.

Lago de Tota, Colombia

Sogamoso chambers of commerce

Sogamoso chambers of commerce

A recent visit by the Head of WLI to Colombia developed relations with a local NGO, Fundación Montecito, and the regional university, Uniboyoca, to bring attention to the state of Lake Tota, the largest lake in Colombia. Work with the university brought up the opportunity to create a wetland centre or ‘investigation centre’ for the lake, building the link for students, local people and visitors to find out more about the wetland. We will keep you updated on progress, the Fundación is continuing to develop the project, and a return trip is planned for September.

World Water Day 2014

Danapure Pupils

Danapure Pupils

This year’s World Water Day looked at energy and water, and highlighted the important shared issues such as the fact that energy and water are both in limited supply, that many people in the world still have very limited access to both, and that without one, you often cannot have the other. See their website for more information, and see Danapure’s news item on how a local Colombian school celebrated the day, including a great picture of a yeti crab!

Wetland Centre Audit tool

Taller de MBP, Takern

Workshop, Lake Takern

Working with our Migratory Birds for People team (see left), we have come up with an audit tool to help wetland centre staff take a look at what their centre does, ranging from engaging different groups, to promoting their site, to practical conservation work. The audit is not designed to compare wetland centres, but to provide support and identify progress in providing effective activities on site. You can find the current version here.

WLI Bulletin

It’s nearly time for our twice yearly bulletin, giving WLI members the chance to update us on their activities in more detail. If you have a story, news or new developments, we would love to hear from you. Please send Chris Rostron an article of around 350 words with some pictures before the 20th April 2014, and we’ll try to include it.