Smolensk opening and WLI Russia develoment

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Last updated: March 29th, 2022

New wetland center opens in “Smolensk Lakeland”, Russia

On 24th -25th ofOctober, 2014, the seminar "Russian network of educational centers of wetlands: Prospects for Development" was held in the "Baklanovo" Eco Centre, attended by a worldwide network of wetland centers Wetland Link International, international non-governmental organization Wetlands International and non-profit partnership Birds and People in which the opening of educational wetland center of National Park "Smolensk Lakeland" took place.

At the opening of the center and at the workshop many people took part: employees of environmental organizations, project coordinator of the Russian program Wetlands International Kamennova Irina, director of the nonprofit partnership "Birds and People" Julia Gorelova, Deputy Director for Education and Methodology of Smolensk regional station of young naturalists Korenkova Natalia, guests of other protected areas - Deputy Director for ecological education and tourism of National Park "Elk Island " Danilina Zhanna, head of Eco Center of NP "Elk Island" Yutkin Ivan, employees of the department of environmental education of State Nature Reserve "Rdeysky" Olga Nikiforova and Kurakina Ekaterina, Deputy Director for Tourism and ecological education of National Park "Sebezhsky" Irina Tsvetkova and others.  Chris Rostron, the head of WLI sent a welcome to the participants of the seminar.

During the seminar the problems and prospects for the creation and development of educational wetland centers, methods and techniques of environmental education in these centers, wetlands themes in children's environmental camps, as well as methods of study and conservation of wetlands were discussed. On the final day of the event participants got acquainted with the territory of "Smolensk Lakeland", visited a rehabilitation center for birds in the village Podosinki, explored an observation tower under construction for observing water birds, take a tour around the main attractions and ecotrails of the National Park. Participants of the seminar were the first visitors to the opened center of Smolensk Lakeland wetlands. They had a tour of the museum of wetlands, which provides information about the lakes and marshes of our national park and their inhabitants, the ecological role of wetlands and measures for their protection. Now our new museum and center of wetlands is open to visitors.