Hong Kong – Taiwan Exchange Visit

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Last updated: April 24th, 2019

WWF Hong Kong staff visit Guandu, Taiwan

The mud house at K2 nature centre

The mud house at K2 nature centre

In late 2014, staff from Hong Kong’s Education Department took part in an exchange visit to Taiwan, where amongst other activities they attended the Taipei International Birdwatching Fair held in Guandu Nature Park. It was not just a fair, it was more of a carnival – participants learned about nature conservation while enjoying real-life experiences, fun games and making do-it-yourself artwork!

As with Hong Kong, Taiwan is an important stopover site for the endangered black-faced spoonbill. For that reason, staff brought the “LoLo’s Flying Journey” education pack to help promote the importance of wetland conservation. WWF-Hong Kong’s education staff also shared information with Guandu Nature Park staff and Taiwanese environmental educators from various organizations.

Some of the educators were particularly interested in WWF-Hong Kong’s Coastal Watch project, especially the concept of “citizen science” which links beach clean-up activities with ecological surveys. Guandu brought up the key areas of environmental education work in Taiwan, including high volunteer commitment, for example lots of experience in training volunteers to become nature interpreters and assist with habitat management work, and the close educator network amongst environmental educators working at different national parks, nature centres and NGOs across Taiwan. Click here for the full story.