MBP newsflash

Category: Europe, Migratory Birds for People

Last updated: March 29th, 2022

Dear colleagues,

Urdaibai Bird Center displays

We would like to inform you briefly about the recent developments in the "Migratory Birds for People"- network.

The annual MBP-meeting in 2015 will take place on the 14th and 15th of September at the bird centre in Urdaibai/Spain. Please put this date already into your calendar!

MBP is on Facebook! Anyone in the network who wishes can be administrator of the MBP Facebook page and put pictures etc. there or share things from their own centres page https://www.facebook.com/migratorybirdsforpeople.

Thanks to the colleagues of 19 centres who have willingly answered our interview questions in December 2014! Great to get your enthusiastic responses and ideas! Most popular things to develop in the short-term were the MBP-poster, a common film or power-point show for the network, information material to share among the centres as well as workshop on webcams.  For a full summary of the findings, click Interview MBP summary 2015_final.

A face-to-face meeting with members of the core-group will take place on the 19th of February in Oostvaardersplassen, the Netherlands. If you would like to add comments, do let us know before the meeting at rheringa@eurosite.org.

On behalf of the core group,