Smolensk ‘Keepers of Wetlands – 2015’ event

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Last updated: February 15th, 2022


In the national park "Smolensk Lakeland" winter ecological school "Keepers of wetland-2015" was held

From 4 to 9 December in the national park "Smolensk Lakeland" the ecological school "Keepers of wetland-2015" was held, organized in the framework of international projects for the conservation of trans-boundary wetland areas in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, in accordance with CEPA program of the Ramsar Convention. The event was attended by 30 people from Smolensk, Tver regions and city of Moscow.

This ecological school was a family event, as it took included active participation not only of children but also their parents. An extensive program of training was organized for the "keepers" in the form of lectures, workshops, training, research, and other excursions. As part of the Winter School participants visited sights of Lakeland, this included a tour of the house-museum of the great traveller N.M. Przhevalsky, familiarity with Przewalski’s horses, and excursion along ecological trails.

One day participants of the ecological school took part in sport ornithology competitions - birding. The winning team was awarded medals and trophies. Special attention during this winter school was given to work on projects. The practical part of the course took place in the outdoors. Experts from the University of Tver, NP "Birds and People", and employees of Smolensk Lakeland, were all teachers of the school. They instilled a love of this subject, interest in the study of science.

Smolensk Wetland Keepers

The children learned not only the methods of research, but also how to design results, make presentations on the subject, work with literature, debate, and work in a team. All useful skills. At the end of Eco-school a conference of children's research work was held by guys in the park during their stay. Specialists gave a summary and compiled a number of recommendations for the continuation of the projects. At the closing ceremony certificates on successful completion of the school were solemnly handed to the participants. Thank you all for a memorable experience and great time. We’re looking forward to the next meetings!