Darwin Scholarship Programme, FSC

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Last updated: May 11th, 2022

Darwin Scholars 2015

The Field Studies Centre (FSC) is running the 9th Darwin scholarship programme, offering comprehensive biodiversity training to ‘up and coming’ scientists enabling them to build their own knowledge, and also help to address the global shortage of skills in taxonomy, biodiversity monitoring and communication.

Designed for young scientists from around the world or studying or working in biology or ecology, the short scholars programme aims to develop “better naturalists” in the spirit of Darwin’s love of nature and observing the natural world.  Activities, excursions, lectures and workshops will focus on skills of observation and identification, recording biodiversity, and communicating biodiversity to different target groups.

River sampling

In 2016 we will be running the 9th Darwin Scholars Programme with a choice of two venues: UK and Brazil. FSC are now inviting applications for the 25 places that are available at each venue, deadline March 2016.  Click here for more details.