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Last updated: May 9th, 2024

New islands for breeding birds at Kalvebod Fælled

One of the major problems with small breeding populations of ground-nesting birds is predation of predators and birds of prey.
In several explored stocks of meadow birds, predation was so intensive that it – at least in periods – must have prevented the meadow birds from reproducing themselves.

A PhD study by Henrik Olsen KVL has shown that at Kalvebod Fælled especially foxes are the great “culprit”.Fighting predators can therefore be a management measure with some effect.
In some areas of nature, it has been accepted to combat fox and mink in a natural political context, while a direct control of hawk, tower falcon and storm gull is not accepted in Denmark.
At Kalvebod Fælled we have therefore gone a different way.
In connection with a large EU Semi-Aquatic LIFE project, where new small ponds were dug for natterjack-toad, the excess soil was used to establish three breeding islands in Klydesø for birds breeding.


The summer of 2018 was perfect for establishing these islands, as the drought lowered the water level in Klydesø and allowed construction machinery to work without leaving much damage.
The islands are particularly suitable breeding grounds for especially terns and avocet.


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