WLI Asia MoU with Ramsar Regional Centre

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Last updated: April 24th, 2019

Delegates at Suncheon signing ceremony

Delegates at Suncheon signing ceremony

The Ramsar Regional Centre East Asia (RRC-EA) and WLI Global met in South Korea in early March 2016 to agree the role of the RRC-EA as WLI Asia Regional Coordinator.  The RRC-EA has also recently moved to a new office in Suncheon City, South Korea, and celebrated the new hosting arrangements at the same time as signing the MoU between the RRC-EA and WLI global.

We will work together to develop the WLI Asia secretariat function, carry out an

Mssrs Suh Seung-oh and Chris Rostron sign WLI Asia MoU

Mssrs Suh and Rostron sign WLI Asia MoU

inventory of the WLI membership, continue with communication and coordination activities, and seek additional funding and resources to support members.  For more information contact Mr Suh Seung-oh, RRC-EA, or Mr Chris Rostron, Head of WLI Global.