Re-launching of Grange Nature centre

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Last updated: June 14th, 2019

men and women are standing in front of the map

Inauguration ceremony

The Grange Nature, maison de la nature du Pas-de-Calais reopened in March 2016, and recently inaugurated by the elected officials May 7, in the presence of M. Michel Dagbert, president of Pas de Calais department and Mme Emmanuelle Leveugle, President EDEN62 and other elected officials, State representatives.

Grange Nature offers a recreational and educational adventure course which immerses the visitors in the middle of the biodiversity of the Marshlands and other natural habitats in the Pas de Calais (cliffs, dunes, woods, grasslands...)

Visitors can also explore the new interpretation footpath of National Natural reserve of Romelaëre.