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Last updated: June 13th, 2019

Desna Bird Tower

 Новые партнеры

Мы рады приветствовать в качестве наших новых партнеров центры водно-болотных угодий Национальный парк Диавлинг в Мавритании и Пойма реки Десна в Украине.
We are pleased to welcome as our new partners the wetland centers Diavling National Park in Mauritania and the Desna River floodplain in Ukraine.

WLI / Ramsar Secretariat CEPA focal point survey
We have just sent a message to all CEPA coordinators, asking them for information about the wetland centers they know in their country, and we are starting to receive answers. If you know of any wetland center that would like to become a member of the WLI, please let us know at the WLI email address.

Field exit at Buazhra School, bird watching

Migratory birds for people of Africa
The recent Skype meeting with our partners from MBP Africa has shown the enthusiasm with which people want to be even more involved in our network. The group would like to involve as many African countries as possible in WRM work, ultimately all African countries along the entire length of the eastern Atlantic flyway. It is also planned to take part in the Pan-African Ornithological Congress, which will be held this year in Senegal.

Полевой выход в школе Буажра, наблюдение птиц

WLI of both Americas
After much discussion, we decided to combine the WLIs of North America and the WLIs of Latin America and the Caribbean to create the WLIs of the Americas. It fits much better with the theme of the flyways, and also allows you to work with partners on the continental level, such as the WHSRN and the Ramsar Committee. Our new initiative group has already met, and we are in the process of changing the structure of the website and WLI. Follow the news soon!

Flying Swans, Europe

A unique WWT project on a paragliding span along the migratory path of a small swan has just been launched! Partners gathered at the Royal Geographical Society in central London on January 27 to celebrate. In September 2016, our colleague, Ms. Sasha Dench, plans to fly from the Russian Arctic to Lake Ladoga and St. Petersburg, then through the Baltic States, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, and finally through the English Channel to the UK. Along the way, she will stop at wetland centers, visit community organizations, and photograph amazing landscapes and people she will meet – this journey promises to be exciting! If you want to follow the project, look for “Flight of the Swans” (Flight of the Swans) on Facebook, or @WWTSwanFlight on Twitter.

World Wetlands Day 2016
World Wetlands Day (WWD) is celebrated on February 2, 2016, its theme this year will be “Wetlands – for our future. Sustainable livelihoods.” See the Ramsar Convention website for
more information. If you have any stories about your activities on your site, we would be happy to add them to our site, as well as to the site of the Ramsar Convention.

сайт Рамсарской конвенции для получения World Wetlands Day 2016

World Migratory Birds Day 2016
It will be held on May 10 of this year. Particular attention will be paid to illegal harvesting, trapping and trafficking of wild birds. More detailed information will be available soon on their website, as well as you can find there a wide range of materials that you can use in your events.