Ecological status and evaluation of European lowland lakes

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Last updated: March 17th, 2022

lowland_lakes_congressThe Lake Grand-Lieu Centre (Loire-Atlantique department, west coast of France) is an environmental education centre contributing to scientific information and public awareness on wetlands’ protection. The centre organizes a congress on ecological status and evaluation of European lowland lakes to be held from 8, 9 and 10th February 2017.

Topic: How to evaluate the evolution of ecological status of lowland or shallow lakes?

The technical and scientific exchanges during the conference will be based on knowledge, acquisition and exploitation of existing data on the ecological status of lowland lakes. The discussed data on water, sediment, flora and fauna should be related to associated ecosystem services.

The aims of the conferences will be:

-  Identify factors influencing the evolution of water quality of lakes related to anthropogenic activity ;

-  Discuss methods for setting reference conditions and ecological status according to the Water Framework Directive (WFD);

-  Discuss and propose common scientific mediation actions on the protection of lowland lakes.

The conference will be presentations of interdisciplinary works of scientists and stakeholders. This will be an action research which aims to promote exchanges on common issues and needs of different stakeholders. Consequently, good ecological status, difficult to define, will be a focal point of interdisciplinary exchanges between different lakes at this colloquium.

For more detailed information and online registration please visit the congress webpage or register here.

Take advantage of early registration which will end after December 15, 2016.