Celebration of the International Day of Wetlands at the Fishing Center in Raghia 02 February 2017

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Last updated: June 13th, 2019

          A rich and varied educational program has been finalized by the hunting center of Réghaia in collaboration with the youth league for the preservation of the environment organizes 2nd to 4th February open doors for all visits organized with a rich program:

Educational  presentation on the theme of the year
Continuous projection of Ramsar films on wetlands
Coloring with expression
Presentation of an ecological play
Educational animation by L.J.P.E group
Bird watching at the Réghaia lake (binoculars-long views)
Free visit of the site

Presentation of commemorative gifts of the day
Official celebration of World Wetlands Day 2017
The official celebration of World Wetlands Day 02 February 2017 at the El Oued Wilaya, under the theme of the Ramsar Convention for this year “Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction” in the presence of The Director General of Forests Mr Abdelmalek ABDELFETTAH as well as the Senior Advisor Africa of the Ramsar Secretariat Mr Paul OUEDRAOGO and the representative of WWF International Mr Denis LANDENBERGUE.

The celebration at the hunting center of Réghaia

The celebration of World Wetlands Day at the Reghaia Hunting Center with the collaboration of the Youth League for the prevention of the environment and PEPSI, the local authorities (Mrs. the president of the commune of Heuraoua and the representatives of the municipality of Réghaia

On this occasion were elements of HERBAL and the students of the school BRAHIM RAHMOUN de Réghaia who animated this day and children with disabilities.

Theatrical piece about “the action of man on his environment” and a ditty presented by the students of the BRAHIM RAHMOUNE school in the town of Réghaia.


A workshop on the theme “Wetlands have a sponge effect, absorb and filter rainwater for underwater water storage” by this action wetlands protect humans from disasters such as floods.



A drawing workshop on the theme proposed by Ramsar for the year 2017
Paul OUERAOGO in Algeria to host JMZH 2017.

On February 04, 2017; Paul OUERAOGO (Senior Adviser for Africa at the Ramsar office) visited the Réghaia Lake wetland in the presence of: Scouts, the Youth League for the Preservation of the Environment, and the DGF.