What WLI did in 2017


Migratory Birds Day, May 2017 Connecting Birds and Schools project. We facilitated 6 schools and wetland centres to take part, with a final skype conference call between three of the schools.


WLI internship: Our intern, Patricio Guerrero from Chile, started in June, replacing our previous intern Abdallah Khazene.

Chilean exchange partners came to work at WLI HQ in July, helping with network development, translation of materials into Spanish and updating of the website.


Global wetland survey. Working with the Society of Wetland Scientists and the World Wetland Network, we worked on the global citizen science survey, with nearly 600 responses.

Two WLI Americas webinars were held, on engaging local people and evaluation of CEPA activities, hosted by the Association of State Wetland Managers.


Migratory Birds for People annual meeting, hosted by the Remerschen Wetland Centres in Luxembourg, with 20 wetland centre partners attending from across the East Atlantic Flyway including from Senegal.

6th WLI Asia Conference, October 2017. Around 60 WLI Asia members came together organised by the Ramsar Regional Centre East Asia (RRC-EA), as part of the Asia Wetland Symposium.

Finally, 20 new members from 18 different countries joined the WLI network.

We look forward to a busy and successful 2018, the year of the 13th Ramsar Conference of the Parties in Dubai!