World Wetland Day 2017 “Birds and People” NGO – Russia

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Last updated: June 13th, 2019

This Photo-Birdwatching competition dedicated to the celebration of the WWD2017 organized by the Partnership “Birds and People”, a member of the International Network of wetland eco-educational centers (NGO “Birds and People”, member of the Wetland Link International).

Competitions are based on photography of birds. Participant’s aim was to photograph as many species of birds and identify them correctly as they could. The competition was attended by amateur ornithologists
In Russia, the World Wetlands Day (WWD) accounted for most cold and snowy season. This year, in the Moscow region fell unusually much snow, and the temperature on the day of the competition reached -10 ° C. Never before the competition participants walking or enjoyed the route so much time – 4 hours. At the same time neither team has gone the distance and did not return before the appointed finish line due to weather conditions. After the route was held a seminar on wetlands.
We talked about the global role of wetlands Ramsar Convention, as well as peatlands of Russia and their significance for climate, biodiversity and people.