Vacaresti Nature Park’s Royal visitor

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Last updated: December 13th, 2021

His Royal Highness Prince Charles at Vacaresti

By an exceptional chance, the first visitor to the Vacaresti Nature Park as a new WLI member was His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.  This event (30/03/17) was possible due to His Royal Highness’ special interest in nature and thanks to great support for our project provided by the UK Ambassador in Romania and his wife, Paul Brummell and Adriana Ivama Brummell.  Vacaresti is on the outskirts of Bucharest, and has only recently been designated an official wildlife site, you can see their new profile here.

The Prince of Wales was very interested in Vacaresti area’s history, rich ecosystem and of course in the vision and plans for the future. The Vacaresti Nature Park Association and the UK Embassy in Bucharest led led the visit, and pointed out that one of the main models for the project was the London Wetland Centre, and the fact that they just became members of WLI network the day before!