Volunteer WWT Cambodia project

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Last updated: May 20th, 2021

The Cambodia project have just started recruiting for two really exciting volunteer roles with the Cambodia partnership, in Cambodia for 5 month placements.

Only a few fragments of lower Mekong wetland habitat remain, dotted across the landscape in southern Cambodia and Vietnam. These remaining wetlands support important populations of globally threatened wildlife, including a Critically Endangered population of Sarus Cranes, and are vitally important to thousands of Cambodians that depend upon them for their livelihoods.

Although now mostly designated as protected areas, these remaining fragments are coming under increasing pressure for the surrounding communities and so WWT are working with local partners to build capacity to manage and protect two wetland reserves in Cambodia as well as work with local communities to improve practices and find better alternatives to current damaging and unsustainable activities.

Anlung Pring Community Led Ecotourism site is one of these integrated conservation interventions. 55 local community members that surround Anlung Pring Protected Landscape have formed a tourism group which deliver tourism at the reserve (www.mekongcrane.com) improving their own livelihoods while also raising funds for the conservation of Anlung Pring.

As the site enters its second tourism season WWT Cambodia, in partnership with Anlung Pring Community Led Ecotourism, are delighted to be able to offer two unique volunteering opportunities to support the Anlung Pring Sarus Crane Conservation and Development Community. 

Full details of the roles and an application form can be found here.  Applications and a copy of your CV must be received by Wednesday 15th November 2017.  If you have any problems accessing the details below please email sarah.hall@wwt.org.uk