Visit WWT London Wetlands Centre

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Last updated: April 23rd, 2021

During first week of December I had the opportunity to visit the WWT London Wetlands Centre, which is located close to the River Thames in Barnes, in West London.

This place is a constructed wetland as part of a private-public partnership where WWT plays a central role as a specialist in wetland e cology, so it is an interesting story and a clear example of joint working. Formerly, this place was a Thames Water reservoir for drinking water. During the year 2000, WWT opened the London wetlands centre, an oasis of water within the big city, which among many other things offers a place of tranquillity for people in the heart of London.

WWT London Wetland Centre is a restored urban wetland of 40 hectares, which hosts a wide variety of wildlife, including 180 species of birds. Currently, this site is a place for education about wetlands, attracts 170,000 visitors a year and contains a visitor centre as well as several hides.

This site is located within a world capital, and it provides opportunities for recreation, rest and source of life for wildlife. Definitely a place to consider visiting if you’re in the UK.

Patricio Guerrero A.

WLI Intern