Ramsar Culture Network Workshop

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Last updated: January 26th, 2021

individuals and ancient tree

Workshop participants by ancient tree, Vilm

Ramsar Culture Network - Vilm Workshop

The Head of WLI, Chris Rostron, attended a Ramsar Workshop on Culture and Wetlands, on the island of Vilm on the Baltic coast of Germany. The workshop addressed the role of culture in delivery of effective wetland conservation, and brought together representatives from the Ramsar Secretariat, UNESCO, IUCN World Heritage Centre (and several other organisations with impressive acronyms!)

The workshop presented examples of how culture (whether agricultural, religious, mythological, spiritual or in many other forms) can help in the delivery of conservation outcomes. Understanding how local and indigenous groups view wetlands is essential in involving them and making wetland conservation relevant, sustsainable and deliverable.

Although we have lost some aspects of culture and tradition in wetlands in the UK, in many countries people still live in and depend on wetlands more directly, and continue to celebrate their cultural value in many different ways. For more information on the Ramsar Culture Network, see the Ramsar website.