Migratory birds at ROK Senegal

Category: Africa, Regions

Last updated: June 14th, 2019

As part of its Communication, Education, Awareness and Partnership activities, the Kalissaye Ornithological Reserve, in collaboration with primary schools, organized a forty-eight hour (48h) Union of Voices for the Conservation of Migratory Birds. During these 48 hours, various activities were implemented. It’s about:

– At the CESP (Education, Public Awareness and Partnership Center) Room Level:

Power Point presentations on the monitoring, surveillance, awareness, protection and restoration of film screenings and documentaries on Migratory Birds and the challenges of their conservation in the face of climate change and human pressure issues

– At the level of breeding sites:

cleaning and extraction of solid objects, plastic waste, lost packaging and nets, bird watching and reproductive drawings of bird images

For more information, please contact Mr. Pathé Baldé, Curator of the Kalissaye Ornithological Reserve