Wetlands centres, youth and the arts

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Last updated: April 24th, 2019

Youth and the arts survey - initial results

people looking through telescope

Birdwatching at Diyasaru, Sri Lanka

We recently carried out a survey on arts and youth engagement activities at wetland centres and sites, and have now prepared an initial arts and youth report, which we will work on to bring more case studies and information.  Findings showed that there is a lot going on in terms of involving and engaging with young people, with a variety of activities including education, mentoring and training, on topics as diverse as bird watching, habitat management and working with local farmers and land managers. Arts activities were less common, but had interesting case studies including mural painting, flyway-based arts activities and performance.

One of the key findings is that there is a need for more guidance and good practice to encourage centre to build their confidence and do more, and we hope this is something for which we can develop some tools.  We will continue to work on this. Thanks to all those that completed the survey, for more information please contact the head of WLI.