BioWet project success!

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Last updated: April 22nd, 2021

Students at EVOA, Portugal

Students at EVOA, Portugal

BioWet – supporting young people to report on the impact of climate change on wetlands

A partnership of five organisations from Norway, the UK, Portugal, and the Basque Country (Spain) has received funding from the EU Erasmus programme to develop a web-based tool that allows young people visiting wetland education centres to report their findings on the impacts of climate change on local wetlands. Wetlands represent a very biodiverse habitat, but one which is severely impacted on by water shortages or floods, invasive species, pollution, development and other related threats.  This project aims to support young people to help develop a tool that can be used across Europe, to raise awareness of these impacts, and to share data collected to show how wetlands are changing due to climate change.

The project will run from late 2018 to 2021, and include exchange visits, workshops to develop the tool, and visits to local sites to encourage young people to collect and upload their findings about how wetlands are changing. For more information, please contact the Head of WLI.