The second celebration of World Migratory Birds Day at Kalissaye Reserve, Senegal

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Last updated: June 14th, 2019

The Kalissaye Ornithological Reserve, is the second protected area in Senegal, created in 1978 for the protection and conservation of birds.  It is also the only side in the south of Senegal where thousands of pairs of laridae (royal and Caspian terns, black headed gulls), pink-backed pelican, eagrets, sacred ibis etc.  The ornithological and biological potential of the site means that it is included on the list of Important Bird Areas (IBA).

The ROK includes three large islands in which can be found 10 villages, in each of which is a school.  To improve the conservation of the site, the local people have organised

a management committee.  These committees have two representatives from each village play a link role to support awareness-raising, communication and monitoring.  In addition, the schools have been organised around an education, awareness-raising and partnership centre.  This centre plays an important role in relation to the training of the younger generations.  Given that today’s young people become tomorrow’s adults, many training activities are organised aimed directly at young people.  The aim is to skill up the young people so that they can integrate an environmental approach and sustainable consumption into their way of life.

The second date of World Migratory Bird Day was celebrated with pupils from school 2 of Kafountine.  

Amongst the activities run, we included cleaning of nesting islands, drawing competitions, and songs around the them of birds.  In terms of social issues, the ROK has worked for many years to correct inequalities amongst the pupils.  This was behind the donation of school materials to the pupils of School 2 of Kafountine.  This both reduces the curse of school drop outs and reduced the school fees for vulnerable families.

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