WLI member social media usage analysis

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Last updated: September 23rd, 2021

In December 2018, we looked into our members’ choice of social media platforms; specifically, we looked at whether members promoted their having an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter profile, or a website. We used their website details and searched social media for their organisations in order to get a good idea of the types of social media that each of them uses.

This report covers 235 WLI member profiles, recording their name, URL and types of social media they are using, and split into five regions (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania).

This data analysis will show the choice of social media platform by WLI members in each region.

Some of the key takeaway messages from this analysis include:

  • The biggest social media users are in Europe and the Americas, where at least 58% are connected on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Asia is close behind.
  • The most popular social network in all regions is Facebook, with Twitter second.
  • WLI members are using different platforms, with some possible trends apparent on the regional scale. The biggest Instagram users are in Europe and America, whereas Europe and Asia are most likely to be promoting their Facebook pages, with Europe and the Americas are more connected on Twitter.
  • Regional or national social media platforms such as WeChat or Weibo in China or VK in Russia are obviously active in their respective countries, but were not included in this analysis. It is also worth noting that access to some platforms such as Facebook or Twitter is limited, restricting their usage.

The most social media widely used in the region:

Europe (47%) - Americas (19%)

  Europe (42%) - Asia (22%)

Europe (42%) - Asia (22%)


We have graphed some of the other findings:

Proportion of members using a platform




Top social media platforms per region

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Let us know how we can further help with social media research—what have we missed? Don't forget, our East Atlantic Flyway initiative Migratory Birds for People has co-produced social media guidelines for nature centres, with Eurosite, to get you started in social media.

For further details or comments please contact WLI intern Samaneh Azizi.


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