Germany: Nationalpark-Haus Husum

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Last updated: June 14th, 2019

Nationalpark-Haus Husum, at the World Heritage Site Wadden Sea
After 15 years of visitor information at one of the gateways to the Wadden Sea National Park and World Heritage Site the exhibition of the Nationalpark-Haus Husum is currently being completely renewed.

The core focus of the visitor centre will remain on providing a comprehensive information service for nature experience offers in the Wadden Sea Region of Schleswig-Holstein. The new exhibition will present the trilateral UNESCO World Heritage and its Outstanding Universal Value and connect it to physical and biological phenomena such as landscape development, tides, seals, life in the mud and of course birds.

All information will be connected to practical experience offers. The role of the Wadden Sea as essential stopping place along the East Atlantic Flyway will be highlighted in the context of global bird migration.   The re-opening is scheduled for 22 June 2019 – embedded in a larger event on the occasion of the World Heritage’s 10th anniversary.

Contact: Anja.Szczesinski

WWF Germany /Intern. Waddensea School

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