Norway: Fetsund Lenser, Nordre Øyeren wetland centre

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Last updated: June 20th, 2019

We called the day ‘Winter in the wetlands’, because there is not much to see when everything is covered in snow. Off course we announced that this was the international World Wetland Day.
We had activities that focused on how the animals survive in wintertime in the wetland areas – and camouflage, winter tolerance and -adaptations and how to find food were some of the topics.
Inside the wetland centre we had a drawing contest and a winner will be selected this week.

At our small island out in the river, just beside our wetland centre, we made a fire and people could bring their own food and prepare this themselves.
The weather was sunny, with lot of snow and about minus 5 degrees.
Approximately 70 people enjoyed the day together with us!

Latest news from the Nordre Øyeren nature reserve
It has been pretty cold lately and ice is starting to cover the nature reserve.
About 20 Whooper swans and 50 Mute swans, some Goosanders (photo: Øystein_Søbye) and Common goldeneyes are still present together with a Great grey shrike. The whooper swans have probably moved up the river to the part called Vorma, where the water is warmer and usually stays open throughout the wintertime.

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